Happy Hallo(week) // Halloween Home Tour and Pumpkins Galore!

Happy Halloweeeeek! I can't believe Halloween will be here in just a short week - the month of October flew right by! I'm excited for the trick or treating, the spooky costumes, and oh yeah - it's my birthday! I'm a Halloween baby and will be turning the big 2-2 on Saturday. Yippee!

Even if my birthday wasn't this month, I'm almost 100% sure October would still be my favorite. I'm a complete, googly-eyed sucker for everything fall has to offer - mums and pumpkins are my fave - but I'm literally obsessed with it all. I'll have a few new recipes to post later on during the week, but for now here's some of the festive fun that's gone down so far this month - from my home decor, to total pumpkin overloads, to colorful fall foliage!


'Happy Fal Y'll' shirt - customized from Zazzle
Spider door mat - Pier 1
Candlestick holder + candy corn candles - Pier 1
'Trick or Treat' sign - Michael's
Candy corn wreath - Michael's
Chalkboard mason jars- Michael's

Book of shadowns/spells - Michael's
Lantern - Target
Table runner - Target
Sugar skull candy holder - Target
Gold/white painted pumpkins - Target
'Boo' pillow - Home Depot
Cat/ghost hanging pieces - Walmart
Paper straws - Hobby Lobby