Graduation, Here We Come!

Someone pinch me... I must be dreaming. In just a few short weeks (18 days to be exact), my best friend and I will be GRADUATING from Virginia Commonwealth University! We are both health, physical education, and exercise science majors with a concentration in exercise science. I could not have possibly imagined getting through the past couple of years without her - especially our senior year! We've spent practically every waking moment together and not only had just about all of the same classes, but we also got to intern together this semester! Woohoo! *I'm surprised she hasn't gotten sick of me yet* She's my fellow Wawa milkshake-obsessed soul sista and never fails to make sunshine on a cloudy day. I can't wait to graduate with her right by my side!

We decided to shoot at the beautiful Maymont Park in Richmond, VA. I guess you could say we're kinda obsessed with this place because I shot a couple's session here with Charisma and her boyfriend, Bruno, in the fall and we didn't even have to think twice about coming back for graduation photos. With every photo session, it's always the "oopsie" moments and the random, unexpected things that happen along the way that make it the most memorable. There were two of those for me during this session. The first was the whole "champagne shower" ordeal. So, I visioned this really awesome, cute idea of popping a champagne bottle for a few of the photos and capturing the bubbles spraying everywhere. I shook up the bottle reallllllly, really well and popped that sucker open and was completely horrified when it starting shooting out. Instead of the "raining champagne" look we were going for, we got more of a "wild hose shooting out champagne" type of deal. I was literally scared - in most of the photos I'm making faces that look like they were taken straight from stills out of a horror movie AND got champagne allllll over my dress (luckily it didn't show in the photos). We just about died laughing going back through and looking at all of the photos... but hey, at least we tried right?!

The second favorite moment of mine was making a few new friends! As we were taking turns getting photos of each other in our caps and gowns, a woman walked by and offered to take a few photos of us together. I showed her how to use my camera, we struck a few quick poses, then thanked her for her generosity and she carried on with her walk around the trails. We went to look at the pictures and see how they turned out and immediately busted out laughing when we saw that they weren't anywhere to be found (she didn't actually take the pictures). But hey, fancy cameras ARE hard to operate! Anywho, so while she was taking (or attempting to take) the photos of us, a man was passing by and decided to stop and watch. After he saw us realize that the woman couldn't figure out my camera, he offered to take some on his camera (which was pretty similar to mine). He didn't speak much English, but he congratulated us, snapped a couple of photos of us together, then asked to take one with each of us - of course we couldn't deny this sweet man! We exchanged emails (haven't heard anything from him yet) but I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing those pictures someday haha! 

And so the countdown to May 14th continues... graduation, here we come!


And last but not least - here's a few of these two cuties!

Thanks for reading!