Emily and Austin are Engaged! // Church Hill Overlook Proposal

I’m not crying… you’re crying. Actually, we’re probably BOTH crying because this proposal was absolutely breathtaking. I was so ecstatic when Austin told me the news that he would be proposing to Emily and asked me to capture their special day. I started screaming “yes, yes, YES, OMG YES, DUH!!” before he could even finish fully asking me. Needless to say, we were both so excited for the day to come!

Austin and I drove up to Richmond, VA for the day where he would eventually propose to his soulmate. Emily was already there visiting her friend, Erica, and had no idea that the proposal would be happening… or that Austin was even in the same city as her! P.S. Erica is the real MVP for helping us make this happen!! Austin chose the Church Hill Overlook as the spot for the magic to happen. It was secluded, romantic, and had a gorgeous view overlooking Richmond. The sun was beginning to set, which filled the sky with so many dreamy colors. Talk about a perfect winter evening at the most amazing spot!

We set up shimmery string lights, *THE CUTEST* prints of Austin and Emily hanging from twine, *ALSO MORE SUPER CUTE* framed photos of Austin and Emily, mason jars with tea lights, and a cozy knit blanket. I started tearing up right away when everything was all set up - it was just so beautiful and Austin’s face beamed with pure joy and proudness.

It was time. We got in place. I hid behind a set of bushes and Austin sat on the curb just around the corner from “the spot.” Emily thought she was just heading to watch the sunset with Erica after a day of Christmas shopping - but little did she know, her best friend was about to ask her to marry him! When Emily and Erica arrived, they began walking towards the outlook and Austin soon came into view. I just about lost it when I heard Emily yell, “Omg, what are you doing here? Did someone die?!” HAHA! As she got closer, Austin took her in close and lead her to his perfect proposal spot. They exchanged words, laughs, and excited squeals until he eventually got down on one knee and popped the question - and SHE SAID YES! And can we talk about her ring for a quick second… because holy amazingness! What a stunning beauty - it was absolutely made for her!

They celebrated with sparkling cider and lots of hugs and laughs and smiles. The sunset showed off for us and continued to paint the sky with the most extraordinary colors. It was truly a dream seeing this proposal come to life.

Congratulations Emily and Austin - I am so happy for you two!

Austin and Emily - I am so, so happy that I got to capture this special day in your lives. Your love radiates so brightly and your positive energy is instantly contagious to those around you. Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!