Fun Ways to Use a Mason Jar

If there's one thing that I have to admit that I have an unhealthy obsession for, it's definitely mason jars. I have a gazillion of them and seriously use them for everything. I have all sorts of styles, sizes, and colors and just can't resist when I see a new, cute one in the store that I don't already have - you betcha I'm walkin' out of that store with a new jar. Mason jars are very versatile and can be used for sooo many different things!


Infused Water

One of the most common things I use mason jars for is infused water. The great thing about these jars is that they double as measuring cups! You will find measurement increments in cups and ounces down one side of the jar and milliliters down the other. This is super duper helpful when measuring out specific amounts of water, fruit, and/or ice I want to use to make my infused water. The amazing mason jar dispenser in the middle photo is from AC Moore and I got it for just 10 bucks! #score



The second most most common thing I use mason jars for is smoothies. Once again, the handy dandy measurement listings are very helpful when juicing, blending, and assisting me with my meal prep measurements. Once I've measured out exactly what I want, I put my ingredients into my juicer, blender, etc. - then I can pour it right back inside of the jar to drink! Yum!



Mason jars are perfect for storing and organizing just about anything imaginable - from foods and drinks to supplies like pens and pencils, to hygienic items like q-tips and cotton balls, and more! Here I used them in two different scenarios - for storage jars and for a drink cup (I wasn't lying when I said I use them for EVERYTHING). 

I love using mason jars in my kitchen to store my dry superfoods such as chia seeds, goji berries, muesli, raw cacao bits, and more. They're simple enough to go with any type of kitchen theme, yet cute enough to add a little bit of "oomph" to your shelves or countertops. They're also small, stackable, and come in many different sizes so you just cannot go wrong!

I got these adorable chalkboard labels from Michael's for less than five dollars for a pack of six.



Mason jars make for perfect decorations! My room is beach-themed and I was able to incorporate some jars in my decorations by converting them to candleholders. I added seashells in one jar, sea glass in another, and small pebbles in the last one. Lastly I added a tea light on top to complete these amazingly cute little candles!