Spring, You've Been Too Good to Me!

This past winter was a long, cold, snowy one. When spring began to make its grand appearance for the season, I seriously could not have been more ecstatic! I think that spring is such a special season because we all get to witness its beauty progressively grow with each new day, just as we are doing ourselves. There's just no way I could be unhappy when I walk outside and am greeted with warm sunshine, crisp, blue skies, and colorful blossoms. April showers certainly brought along the most gorgeous May flowers. I even took part in the whole "spring cleaning" jig AND cleaned out my entire closet (whoa, who am I...).

This spring has been quite incredible and nonetheless felt like it came and passed within the blink of an eye. I just finished up my junior year of college, aced all of my finals, and ended the semester with a 4.0! I can't believe there's only one year left until I graduate (plus another four years of grad school... but that's besides the point). This semester was a long, tough one. However, I worked hard to push through and am ready for a fun summer. Despite having to take a few summer classes, I am beyond ready to indulge in lots of sunshine, lazy beach days, and colorful summer fruits! Here's a few snaps of some pretty springy-ness in Richmond!