Hello Summer // Refreshing Coconut Smoothie Bowl

It's the best time of the year - summertime! Summer signifies the end of cold weather and a long year of school work and the start of relaxation and countless days of soaking up the sun. Seriously, what better way to celebrate than with a refreshing, coconut smoothie bowl?! Strawberries are finally in season and made the perfect addition to this sweet treat! 

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- 1 large coconut
- 1 banana
- 2 cups of frozen strawberries
- 1/2 cup of coconut water


I have included in a few of my recipes how I open my coconuts, which you can find here. However, today I tried something a little different. There are many different tools out there that are made specifically for opening coconuts and some people even use machetes. Today, I used a small knife and a hammer, which resulted in a perfect, even crack all the way around.

First, make sure you drain the water out of the coconut. I do so by piercing one of the "eyes" (holes) all the way through the flesh. Then, I turn the coconut upside down and place it on top of a cup so the water can drain out.

Next, place the tip of the knife on any spot in the middle of the coconut and begin to tap it with the hammer. Once the knife pierces through the shell, it will immediately begin to separate and crack along the line of the knife. Pull the knife out very carefully, making sure that the sharp blade is pointing away from you. Repeat this step until you have a full crack along the entire circumference of the coconut. Now, the two halves will separate easy as pie!

Last but not least, blend all of your smoothie ingredients together and pulse until smooth. Pour your smoothie inside of the coconut half - make sure you use the one without the hole so you don't make a huge mess - and now you can dig in. Enjoy!