Ashley and Brandon are Engaged! // Bluemont Vineyard Proposal

This proposal had me all the way in my feels - the location, the breathtaking views, the memorabilia, the emotions… it was all so perfect!

It all started with one of my friends, Daniel, reaching out to me about photographing Ashley and Brandon’s proposal. Brandon had a trip planned to fly to Virginia (from Tennessee) to visit Ashley, but it wasn’t just any ordinary trip - he was going to propose to her! I was ecstatic for many reasons, including that I was so excited/happy for Ashley and also that I would get to shoot my first proposal. Lots of secretive planning had to be done to keep the big surprise on the down low. However, it was actually pretty easy to do since we are first-year physical therapy students and were keeping busy with the hustle and bustle of school. Of course when Ashley wasn’t around, we would jump up and down and squeal about how excited we were. And when she WAS around, we had our fair share of sneaky code words we used, paired with smirks and eyebrow raises for communication. So when the big day finally came, we just couldn’t contain our excitement any longer!

Now for the special day. It was a dreamy fall afternoon (the first day of fall, to be exact) and it was time to get this show on the road. The proposal took place at the gorgeous Bluemont Vineyard right outside of Loudon County, VA. We chose the perfect row of vines to arrange the setup, which consisted of a handmade frame with pictures of Ashley and Brandon (great job Kate!!), an ice-cold bucket of Bluemont’s signature Farm Table White Wine (with two glasses of course for the soon to be fiancés), and a beautiful bouquet of flowers (all on top of a cute, cozy blanket).

Us and a few other friends/classmates got there early to set up everything and fine-tune the game plan. We stayed in communication with Brandon while they were on their way there, but Ashley still had no idea! She thought it was just going to be a regular vineyard visit with Brandon. Once they arrived, we all got in position. I hid in the row of vines next to where everything was setup, while everyone else hid up on the second-level deck overlooking the vines. Once Ashley and Brandon began walking up the hill to the vineyard, Brandon casually guided her towards the vines. Then, when they turned the corner and were now in “THE ROW,” Ashley finally realized what was happening. He exchanged a series of heartfelt words, followed by getting down on one knee to pop the question with an absolutely STUNNING ring. Although Ashley’s whole body became weak and she could barely stand, SHE SAID YES!!

There were lots of tears. Lots of smiles. Lots of cheers from strangers in the audience. Lots of hugs. Lots of shock and “OH MY GOD’S.” Lots of flatbread and wine and dessert. Lots of love. Lots of laughter. Lots of memories made.

Congratulations Ashley and Brandon - we are all so, SO happy for you!


Congratulations Ashley and Brandon!